Commercial Sales and Leasing

BNW Commercial specialises in commercial and industrial property sales, leasing and property management.

Based in Somerton, we service all areas of greater Melbourne, but our core areas are in the outer northern and western regions.

Having been very active in the sector for some time, we have a combined staff experience of more than sixty years and know the market well.

Our pro-active team can match the needs of vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants in creative ways and our integrated IT systems help streamline the process of matching the right property to the right people.

Our experienced team of professionals can also assist in maximising the potential sale price or rental return of your property by offering advice on refurbishment, repairs and property maintenance.

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Investing in Commercial Property

Commercial property investment is not for everyone, but there are many potential benefits. Some important considerations include:

  • Commercial property leases are generally longer than residential leases;
  • Commercial properties tend to have lower upkeep costs;
  • Rental increases for a commercial property are predetermined and locked into the lease agreement;
  • Some commercial properties offer investment yields of around three to four percent per annum, which is on a par with those of residential properties. Others, however, may receive returns of up to ten percent. This depends greatly on the type of property, however.
  • Commercial tenants pay most outgoings, including: rates, insurances and owners’ corporation levies.
  • When obtaining finance for the purchase of a commercial property, the lending criteria tend to be stricter than would apply to the financing of a loan for residential property.

Just as you wouldn’t ask your baker for advice on the best cut of meat for your weekend barbecue, getting the correct advice before venturing into the investment property market is crucial. Therefore, to clarify your goals and financial strategy, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your accountant or financial advisor. These professionals can assist you to evaluate your financial position and make appropriate recommendations applicable to your circumstances. Such recommendations might include: establishing a company, a trust, or a self-managed super fund as a vehicle through which to purchase a property.

Once you have set some goals and put some financial strategies into place, our experienced team will be happy to guide you through the variety of property choices available to you.

Which property type would suit your needs? What are the differences? What are the benefits of each? What should you watch out for?

Already have your goals and strategy in place?

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Our skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals have the necessary experience and expertise to provide a well-considered assessment of the saleability or rental potential of your property.

Many elements must be taken into consideration when assessing a property. These include factors such as: the age of the property; its location and position; construction type; building size; land size; presentation; and additional features such as the presence of cranes or a larger power supply. The property must then be compared with other similar properties in the area which have recently been sold or leased, and with those currently on the market.

Our assessment process also identifies key features of your property that might lend extra value, as well as potential value-adding opportunities.

Once we have identified the appropriate level at which to position the property in the market place, we will make recommendations about the most effective method by which to market and promote the property in order to achieve the most favourable outcome in the current market.

Most importantly, however, we will always work with you and provide honest feedback about the likely market response to your property, so that you can make your commercial decision in an informed manner.

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Property Management

How is your knowledge of the Property Law Act, the Retail Leases Act, the Landlord and Tenant Act and the Owners Corporations Act?

These are just a few of the acts that may affect the tenancy of your property.

Which outgoings are recoverable from tenants? Which are not?

Did you get a thorough property condition report done? What constitutes fair wear and tear?

How good is your property and what works should be done to set a good landlord/tenant foundation in place?

Rent reviews, lease renewals, lease variations, property maintenance and repairs, payment of outgoings.... these are all in a day's work for a professional property manager.

You are skilled and expert in your profession. You work hard to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your family. You handle almost anything the work day throws at you. Now, how much time (and money) would it cost you if your tenant called you in the middle of the day with an "urgent" maintenance issue? Are you able to drop everything to have a lengthy conversation to assess how urgent "urgent" really is, then attend the property to assess the problem, contact the appropriate tradesperson and make sure they actually turn up? Probably not.

We can... and we do!

If your property becomes vacant, our sales and leasing team are skilled in marketing properties for lease, conducting inspections with prospective tenants, answering those inevitable curly questions, assessing applications and dealing with lease documents.

Property management is quite involved. When it is executed properly, it can make owning a commercial property a breeze.

BNW Commercial have a good team on board and we are proud of our good track record of managing properties for our clients.

Call us and become one today!

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